Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity

This modern coffee shop was built to be the flagship store for a local roaster.  Even though this coffee house shares a building with a local restaurant chain, the design and character of the space and exterior construction set it apart.  The custom metal awning system, two-story stone dividing wall, and decorative faux metal beams and columns allow a clear definition of tenants. The interior design focused on the layering of planes and materials while utilizing contrasting finishes to create a dynamic space.  The retail portion of the shop included the use of decorative wood walls, plywood ceilings, clay fired red tile, exposed metal ductwork, decorative faux metal beams, and columns with finished concrete floors. The owner's innovative concept for the function of the space provided a work area that utilized a coffee keg and tap system, as well as a state of the art espresso machines and other high-end equipment.  
West Lafayette, Indiana

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